Fast ways to earn cash on the side

Saving more money is great, but bringing in more cash is even more important if you want to repay credit. Here are some fast and easy ways to bring in extra cash:
1. Take in your recyclables. If you live in a community where you pay a deposit on bottles and other recyclables, you can earn back some of your cash by bringing your recyclables to a plant.
2. Roll up coins. If you have piles of change everywhere, roll them up and take them to the bank. You could have a hundred dollars or more just lying around.
3. Sell the items you don’t like and don’t use. Are there movies in your house you don’t watch, furniture you don’t like, exercise equipment you don’t use? Get rid of that clutter through a garage sale or classified ad and enjoy a few hundred extra dollars today.
4. Sell a service. Could you teach someone English, help someone with college school work, mow lawns, teach a skill, or do handy work? You could advertise your services in the paper and make a few hundred dollars extra a month on weekends and evenings.
5. Start a small business. Whether you sell things online or help people with their taxes, a small business can bring in tens of thousands of dollars a year in your spare time.
6. Work overtime.
7. Get a temp job or an extra job. You can get hired today through an employment agency and work around your schedule.…

If you’re self-employed, you should have a line of credit

If you are in business for yourself, a line of credit can be a powerful financial tool. Even if you already have a credit card or a personal loan to cover your business expenses, the line of credit offers many advantages:
1. It is a safety net. Self-employed workers sometimes have to wait additional time to get paid, if clients are late with payment. A line of credit helps prevent such emergencies.
2. It is less expensive than a credit card. A line of credit usually has a more advantageous interest rate and in many cases lenders allow you to draw checks or withdraw cash from a line of credit at no extra charge.
3. It is a good idea to have a cushion, which a line of credit can provide. Self-employment sometimes can mean feast-or-famine cycles and a line of credit ensures a steady access to cash when needed. This is especially important since some lenders may be reluctant to offer payday loans or personal loans to self-employed persons.…